Welcome To Our Studio Katrina Parry is a photography story teller located in West Wales. Come have an adventure with me!

Katrina Parry Photography began as a little daydream for an artist named Katrina. Having always been drawn to the creative in her life (both in practice and in educational theory), Katrina the Mother suddenly found herself with the alluring pairing of her own lovely children and the stunning landscapes of her mystically rustic home in Wales. Embarking on what was originally a simple journey in aim to take better photos of her children, Katrina's love of photography and storytelling grew and 

grew, and the adventure that became Katrina Parry Photography was born. Katrina is now an award-winning, international photographer with clients on multiple continents, numerous international awards, and multiple magazine publications, with offers to teach around the world. Katrina loves nothing more than to create storytelling images that capture the magic of childhood and the wonder as seen throught the eyes of our children.